Meryl Streep spoking against U.S.A. new president during her Golden Globes speech

As every year the night of Golden Globes (one of the most important award ceremonies for tv shows and movies) has arrived and passed, rewarding actors, directors and screenwriters for their work during the year.

But this time what caught the attention was not an unexpected win or a dress, but a very particular speech given by one of the most popular and beloved American actresses, Meryl Streep, who decided to mention the recent election of the new president of the USA during her acceptance speech for the Cecil B DeMille award, an honorary award given each year for contributions in the world of entertainment.

The actress is known as one of the best of her generation, with a curriculum of more than 60 movies, including several musicals in which she successfully tested herself as. Born in 1949 in New Jersey, she began her career in New York’s theaters, moving to the big screen in 1977 with a small part in the movie “Julia” and a bigger one the next year by Robert De Niro’s side in “The Deer Hunter”.

Promoting creative minds with new media

Image source: Little Dum Dum Club

Nowadays the new media are accused of having replaced “traditional media” by a great amount of people.

But actually what has happened is what we call “remediation”: a process that concerns the incorporation of old media by new media. The result is a “metamedium”, which embodies all the features of traditional ways of comunication: promoting, public relations, news, selling items, advertising, and so on.

Kickstarter, PPL and Patreon are examples of a revolutionary way to promote personal projects, seeking to reach an audience target, which could contribute to the development of the project just wih a simple click. Jacob Collier is a two-time Grammy-nominated singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from London, England.