The one dollar President

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Donald Trump says he won’t take the presidential $400.000 salary when he takes office in January.

The new United States President has revealed during the 60 minutes tv show that he will be paid only one dollar a year: “I think I have to take by law one dollar so I’ll take one dollar a year”.

This might be due to the fact that he is the owner of several TV shows and channels, hotels, casinos and also he is also a business man.

About the controversial decision to refuse releasing any of his tax returns, Trump defends himself saying that he will do so “at the appropriate time”. So this demonstrates how controversial his policy is: he his against war on wan hand – and he said, during one of his speeches that he will recall all the troops from Africa – but on the other hand he wants to expel almost all the “illegal immigrants”.

The “one dollar President” also commented about the recent violence across the country after the election, when thousands of people marched against him for five consecutive days in a anti-Trump protest. “I’m so saddened to hear that.

And I say stop it. If it helps. I will say this, and I will say it right to the cameras: Stop it!” he said.

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CETA Signed in Brussels

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Yesterday, 30th of October the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement ( CETA) was signed in Brusseles: this commercial treaty between Canada and the EU to try to make easier exchanges and corporate transactions, indeed it will delete almost the 98% of the customs barriers between the UE and the Canadian regions.

Basically it will allow to the European exporters to save 500.000 euros each year, but this agreement raised up a lot of polemics among the people, because it could be bad for the environment (food safety) and consumer.

Consumo de cerveja desce em Portugal

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Portugal registou uma queda de 25% no consumo de cerveja. Segundo a Associação Portuguesa de Produtores de Cerveja ( APCV) em 2015, cada português bebeu 46 litros de cerveja, traduzindo-se numa descida de 22% de 2010 a 2015, consequentemente a produção de cerveja no mercado interno caiu 11%.

Os produtores justificam esta tendência com a carga fiscal sobre o sector por criarem emprego e usarem matérias-primas nacionais. O presidente da APCV, Rui Lopes Ferreira, assume que 63% da cerveja, em Portugal, é vendida nos bares, cafés e restaurantes.

Acresce a isto, o imposto especial sobre as bebidas alcoólicas, que abrange as cervejas, ao contrário do vinho, que a está salvo na proposta do Orçamento do Estado para 2017.

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