Christmas lights in Lisbons streets

This Friday Christmas feelings were floating through Lisbon’s streets.

At 18:30 in the evening the Christmas lights started shining in Praça do Comércio after they were turned on in a ceremonial act.

Christmas elves were guarding the big red button until one child was allowed to press it.

Now an enormous tree decorates the main square of the city, this year with yellow and green lights.

Also, if you take a walk in Rua Augusta some lovely stars will light your way.

In the parallel streets you can discover lots of colorful presents and in Rossio square you can even get inside a gift and watch the world thruogh the sparkling lights, feeling as though you were a present yourself.

The Christmas lights cost “300 000 Euros”, said the spokesman for the Estruturas de Proximidade to Lusa news agency.

In 2010 it was 700 000 Euros and because of this enormous amount the city has decided to save money during the economic crisis.

Instead of Christmas lights there were artworks all around the city by various artists, designers and architects.

Despite this change the Christmas spirit remains the same.

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Babette Jochum and Cristina Corrales Chicote