If drugs were legalized in UK

This study reports how much money the UK governement could make on taxes if it legalized drugs.

The UK governement makes around £9 billion from alcohol and £10 billion from tobacco per year, this is proof of how the State can tax the sale of several kinds of drugs. Actually alcohol and tobacco – which are the “light” drugs most used at the moment – are both really dangerous for the health and together they kill millions of people every year.

The graphic shows us, for example, how cannabis “Skunk” and “Resin” could be usefull for UK’s economy if they were legalized (842 million in tax revenue: 461 from skunk and´381 from resin). Even if cannabis is a drug, it is legal in several states in the USA and some other european countries like the Netherlands. It can be used for medical or recreational tasks and the scientific community has recently proved that it can be useful to heal cancer, anxiety, bipolarism and other illnesses when taken in low quantities.

Source: InformationisBeautiful.net

Alessio Maurandi, Wilds Gomes, Marcelo Teixeira