Meet your love during Erasmus studies

Last week the European Commission published a study about the consequences, that the Erasmus exchange programme has on the live of the people that studied in a foreign country.

Although the main goal of the study exchange programme is to encourage learning new languages and getting to know other cultures, some unforeseen effects occured in the investigation of the European Commission: Since the start of the programme in 1987 one million Erasmus babies were born, estimates the Commission – Babies, that were produced during the exchange mobility.

This is not surprising if you think of the fact that one third of former Erasmus students are living in an international relationship and 27% found their love during their stay.

The European Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen put it into nice words in an Interview with the newspaper The Indepedent: the Erasmus exchange programme “creates a lot of positive things”.

Image: Flickr

Babette Jochum and Cristina Corrales Chicote