Movie “Annabelle” is taken out of the programme

Image: Twitter

The american horror movie “Annabelle” was taken out of the cinemas in France after causing some horrible scenes during the screening.

The young audience, between 12 and 14, started to shout out of fear – as usual for horror movies – but then the situation escalated, when people started to throw popcorn, destroy the interior of the cinema by urinating on the seats and fighting each other.

This wasn’t an individual case: several cities, like Marseille, Lyon, Strassbourg, Toulouse and Montpellier, needed to take the movie out of their programme after hundreds of teenagers started to plan on social networks going to watch “Annabelle” – and everything that this would implicate.

For the cinema of Didier Tarizzo, owner of “Les 3 Palmes” in Marseille, there were a 1000 people showing up to screening with only 450 seats: “We already had phenomena similar to this, but never at this scale.”

The movie from John R. Leonetti is about a doll that is obsessed by demons, which makes a couple experience terrifying supernatural occurences.

The doll, after scaring a family, then leads to horrify the whole country.

Babette Jochum and Cristina Corrales Chicote