Promoting creative minds with new media

Image source: Little Dum Dum Club

Nowadays the new media are accused of having replaced “traditional media” by a great amount of people.

But actually what has happened is what we call “remediation”: a process that concerns the incorporation of old media by new media. The result is a “metamedium”, which embodies all the features of traditional ways of comunication: promoting, public relations, news, selling items, advertising, and so on.

Kickstarter, PPL and Patreon are examples of a revolutionary way to promote personal projects, seeking to reach an audience target, which could contribute to the development of the project just wih a simple click. Jacob Collier is a two-time Grammy-nominated singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from London, England.

This young artist – only 22 – has reached his fame on Youtube and thanks to Patreon he has had the opportunity to promote his project and gather funds to support his work. In the last month, Jacob reached 92.000 subscribers and, according to Patreon’s analytics, he earns almost 10.000 $ per month.

The key for the success is in the number of features that his Patreon profile contains. Indeed, for instance, for sponsoring his work one gets access to pictures of his daily life and events, videos, the lyirics of his songs and dates of his concerts.

With the birth of the digital era it is now necessary to know which are the main tools for promotion, because the competition is growing up and its harder to realize even the most genial and creative project.

Alessio Maurandi