Syria – Onu announces the humanitarian alarm state

Image source: Sky TG 24

The number of people trapped under siege in Syrian territory increased: almost 700 thousand people urgently need help and the humanitarian organizations cry out for instant and safe access to the fifteen assaulted zones to reach all the families frozen out from humanitarian aids.

The fire didn’t die down and WFP, Unicef, Ocha, OMS and Unhcr claim together that situation is dramatic amongst the destroyed streets of Aleppo.

While in the western side of the world the discussion is only about Donald Trump and sporting events, in Syria – as much as in other african countries – millions of people live in zones which are extremely hard to reach by humanitarian assistence.

This is due to the several conflicts, dangerous situations and restricted access.

The various organizations declare “children are exposed to even bigger risks of suffering from malnutrition, dehydratation, diarrhea, infectious deseases and wounds”. Most of them need support because they have lived traumatic events, violence and other violations, without knowing more than war, death and destruction.

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Alessio Maurandi