The Italian Constitution Reform

Image source: Corretta Informazione

On the 4th of December the italian population will be called to vote for the new Constitution reform made up by the Premier Matteo Renzi and the reforms Minister Maria Elena Boschi.

This new deal is composed by five main points (even if 47 points would be changed if it will pass):the overtake of the “equal bicameralism”, the decrease of the members of the Parliament, the limitation of the institutions’ costs, the CNEL abrogation and the revising of the fifth title of the second part of the Italian Constitution.

The birth of the Renzi-Boschi constitutional reform calls the Italian parties to choose whether to vote “YES” or “NO”, and this produced a strong division between them:

On the opposition’s side we can find Forza Italia (Silvio Berlusconi), Movimento Cinque Stelle (Luigi Di Maio and Alessandro Di Battista), Fratelli d’Italia and Lega Nord (Matteo Salvini);

While supporting the cause we can find the Senator Denis Verdini (one of the co-author of the reform), Angelino Alfano, Pierferdinando Casini and most of the left.

Even if now Democracy seems to work well, with the deal something will change: in particular the direct-democracy instruments will be lessened year by year (as the director of the newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” Marco Travaglio explains here).

Considering this and all the other consequences that the approval of the reform would have in Italy the inhabitants are supposed to inform themselves before December arrives, paying attention to the several TV channels (actually controlled by the different parties thanks to the “Porcellum Law”).

So what do you think you are going to vote?

Federica Peltz & Alessio Maurandi