The new frontier of creative projects

In the last few years the internet has become an important part of various aspects of everyone’s lives, changing them to adjust to its growing presence in the world, especially in the field of communication.

How it made it easier to do research and have updated, instant news in every moment and space is obvious, but not everyone knows that it has become notable also in economy, not only with online shopping but also with various crowdfunding sites.

In these domains people can propose their own projects and ask others to finance them in order to make them a reality, from humanitarian projects asking funds for food, education or any kind of supplies needed, to creative projects such as movies, books, music and everything that the imagination of these people can think of.

Probably one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms is, created back in 2009, which raises thousands of dollars for creative projects every year.

Art, comics, films, food, music, technology are just some of the proposals you can find and while some of them reach their expiration date without reaching their purpose, some popular ones raises an incredible amount of money.

One example is a project for the production of an anime based on a very popular Japanese visual series that, at 39 days from the end of the fundraising, has already garnered more than 400,000 dollars from people around the world.

The project on kickstarter explains in detail how the characters of the anime will be with various drawings, and presents the team working on it. It might be because of this organization that made the project reach such an incredible aim.

To motivate people to donate for their cause they also offer gifts as thank yous to their sponsors, starting from wallpapers for small amount to an appearance in the anime with a character inspired by the donator, credits in the show and multiple gadgets.

But this is just one of the numerous projects and sites that handle this business and it’s really interesting to look around and see the various ideas presented or propose new ones and hope they get financed by the public.

Federica Peltz