The recent weather in Lisbon

The last month there has been a lot of rain with flooded streets, which depressed a lot of lisbonites.

Metro stations were flooded and closed, and sometimes streets uncrossable, because they truned into small rivers.

These students are happy to have the traditional praxe cape with them to cover from the heavy rain.

After this month of rain weather is improving. Still there are some big puddles in the streets, like here near Torre de Belem.

Now that the weather has given the chance, Lisbon is having the “Verão de São Martinho”.

It is an old saying that the weather improves for the holiday of São Martinho.

The tradition is to eat chestnuts and drink “vinho novo” witch is produced from the grapes harvested last summer.

This is the Praça do comercio – on these sunny days it gets crowded.

One of the best characteristics of Lisbon is how the light on sunny days gives life to the city.

Here we can see the bridge 25 de Abril, named after the day of the portuguese revolution in 1975.

This weekend it was hot enough to go to the beach.

In October, this is very unusual.

Here we have one of Lisbon’s nearby beaches in Carcavelos.

Babette Jochum and Cristina Corrales Chicote