Tom Waits, the archetype of the artist

Steven Dewall photography

Thomas Alan Waits (born in 1949, Paoma), well known under the name of Tom Waits, has been one of the most influential figures of the past century.

He has been and still is a musician, singer-songwriter, composer and actor, and his art is great inspiration for many contemporary authors – from singers/composers to writers.

Tom Waits during a live concert at the Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA, 2007. .

“Closing Time”, realized in March 1973 on Asylum Records, is considered a masterpiece by the contemporary critique and perfectly embodies the spirit of the Beat Generation.

Tom Waits interpreting the role of Mr. Nick in the movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”, directed by Terry Gilliam (2009).

Alessio Maurandi